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Maxi pad (i.e., kotex, stayfree, etc.)  � Literally, it means "horse". Rude only when used in this sense.


Cabezear  verb
To give oral sex  � pronounced ka beh say arh


Cabra padre  Noun
Quiero hacer el amor con usted, seņor de Cabra  � Heard in the Chenequa area


cabrķn  (noun, masc.)
a man who allows another man to have sex with his woman and doesn't do anything about it  � Literally, this word means billy-goat. However, this widely used term means more than just bastard or bitch. This is a VERY rude term in Mexico, Central and South America. It can also mean faggot. An example of its usage lies in this popular phrase: "Chingate tu madre, cabron!" ("Fuck your mother, you fucking incompetent piece of shit who can't even get an erection!")


cabrōn  (noun, masc.)
billy-goat (literally), cuckold (fig.)  � Widely used as an insult meaning, besides cuckhold, son of a bitch, bastard, dishonest or treacherous person.


Cacha  Adjective
Used in chile for the work fuck.  � Quiero una cacha - want a fuck?


cachapera  (fem, noun)
lesbian  � used in Venezuela. Can also be used as a verb (Cachapear). Example: Ellas se estaban cachapeando/ Ellas estaban cachapeandose (They were having lesbian sex). Derived from the word cachapa, a very thin mashed fresh corn grilled cake/patty, that is usually served in stacks like pancakes in U.S.


to copulate  � Used in Peru. For other countries, see "tirar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"


cachetada  Verb
Slap  � To hit or slap someone


Cachonda  Adjective
Horny  � Ad from Ecuador: Soy Marcia 20 Anitos muy cachonda -- I am Marcia, 20 years old, very horny.


cachonda (o)  noun
horny; sex crazed;   � Typically used for a female who is very horny; all over the men; likes to go out and have fun with many men. I have heard this term used for men as well, but not as often.


cacorro  noun, mas.sin
used as a term to describe a homosexual that takes it in the ass; the receiver in a homosexual realationship.
  � Origin is Colombia, very vulgar. example: Me cago en la ostia de tu madre, cacorro de mierda.


Cafre  Noun
A ghetto person, or thing. Pronounced: KAFF-RAY  � Too Be ghetto, or He/she is ghetto or this is ghetto or I live in the ghetto.


caga palo  noun
shit stick  � self explanatory


cagada  (noun,fem)
shit, dook, stinky poo  � equivalent to 'shit', you may say 'es la cagada' meaning 'it is the shit'


cagapalo  pinche cagapalo!
mad,ruin  � mess up somthing


cage  adj.male
pooping  � means poop


cahuama  noun
a forty ounce of beer  � the term means a sea turtle pronouced ca-wua-maa. Term used in mexico for a forty ouce of beer. or any other fucken alcohol drink..


cai gordo  verb noun
irritate  � to irritate


calabazo  (noun, masc.)
buttocks or rump  � It is pronounced "cah-la-BAH-so". (Mexican slang).


calientapollas  fem. noun
whore, nymphomaniac  � Literally means dick-heater and it's a VERY RUDE word to say to a girl. Other synonims are: calientabraguetas, coņo alegre or ponecoņos


caliente chamo  expression
amongst friends  � el salvador, good guy


callate la boca  mouth
shut up  � quiet your mouth


Camote  Adjective, fem/mas usage (Ka-mo-te)
Friend, commrad  � This term is actually a vegetable (sweet potatoe). It is used by friends to address each other as another term for amigo/amiga. Que paso Camote!! (Beaner Slang)


cano  slang
describe s body pari  � that girl has a shaved can0


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