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weda/wedo  noun, actually spelled Huera or Huero
Check out that fine ass weda!  � Light Skinned or white person. Also can mean blonde haired person. Google says correct spelling is güero or güera


wero  noun
white boy  � meaning white guy


weta  spainesh
white girl  � white girl


Weta / Wedo  noun, actually spelled Huera or Huero
¨¡Orale! Mira la hüerra, güey... jajaja... que fresa es, no mames.¨  � Really means blond or fair (hair/skin). The -a ending is for girls but ¨hüero¨ is used for guys. Any pale person is fair game for this name. Check out that Pinche Huera, she tinks she's all that.


wetta   noun
White girl in the Southwest. Negative term for caucasian female.  � Used commonly by chicano females to denounce a white girl. Google says correct spelling is güero or güera


what's up  question
greeting  � means asking a question


what's up  question
greeting  � means asking a question


whetto, huero  noun
Correctly spelled huero but pronounced (whet toe)  � A white or light skinned male or huera for female. Este pinche huero no sabes natha. This stupd whiteboy doesn't know anything.


woman of strength  your a bad ass
your bad ass  � woman of power


Wowman  Sup wowman
Slang  � L


Xopa  Greeting
Pronounced so-pa. Que xopa? is the Panmanian equivalent of English's what's up? Used frequently in Panamanian slang with the English word friend. Que xopa friend?  � Used in Panama.


yal  noun
woman, women  � is any woman or girl
used in almost every reggaeton song


yayo  noun
coccaine  � Oye! Cuanto me sale un kilo de yayo que tengo la vieja an el gao que me esta rajando el culo para que le lleve algo sabroso pa ya.


yayo  noun
cocaine  � used as a slang cover for cocaine. Ex: Gimme some yeo!


yerba  (noun, fem.)
marijuana  � This term literally means "grass" or "herb"; (Mexican Spanish). It is often spelled "hierba" as well.


Yesca   n
Marijuana  � used alot in chicano rap meaning marijuana. ex. I got the yesca and cerveca meaning i got the weed and beer


yeyo  (noun, masc.)
cocaine, crack  � (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish)


Yonga  noun
Dick  � Not sure if this is the correct spelling. But it's another term for dick. Same like verga. Pronounced Yon-ga. (Mexican Slang)


zacate ingles  (noun, masc., adj.)
marijuana  � Actually, this means "English hay". It is pronounced "sah-CAH-tay een-GLAZE". (Central American and Mex. Spanish)


zampa bollos  noun
eres una zampa bollos!   � lit. bun muncher i.e. a fat person; Zampar means to stuff one's face;


zangana  adjective


zorra  noun, fem. singular
1- whore, bitch, synonim for guarra
2- fox, vixen (the same meaning as in english)  � This term literally means fox. It is pronounced soo-raa and mainly used in Spain to designate the animan reference for whore or prostitute.
An example of this usage is no vuelva a llamar aquí más, ZORRA y PUTA which means don't call here never again, fox and whore.


zorrero  (noun, masc.)
a thief who robs your house and then shits in the floor  � (Mexican Spanish); As an adjective, this word means sly or cunning.


zurramato  (noun, masc.)
dumbass  � A general term applied to a combination of undesirable characteristics, such as stupid, lazy, and very ugly; (Mexican Spanish).


zurrar  (verb, trans.)
to defecate  � This verb shares quite a few meanings, such as "to dress down", "to have an accident", "to trash", and "to beat up". In Argentina, zurrar means to fart noiselessly (or SBD, "silent but deadly"). Its usage refers to its context.


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