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Canton  Noun
Voy al Canton, Voy a la Cantona  � House, home.


canton  noun, masc. singular
house, crib, pad  � This is common street slang for house in Mexico and in many neighboring countries. It is used like how Americans say crib or pad. Thus, Ven a mi canton, y vamos a chupar unas chelas = Come to my crib and we'll have some cold ones


capullo  (noun, masc.)
bud (literally) glans, the head of the penis (fig.)  � Used as an insult it means asshole, idiot.


Cara Cubre Lechisaso  verb
cumming  � The act of cumming on someones face.


Cara de Culo  sayin
Butt face  � youre ugly! your face is like an arse!


Cara de llanta  slang, adj,
Literally means Tire Face. Mexican slang / code word for mayete,or negro,or Nakkuh Just a funny way to say black without having to look over ones shoulder before speaking. Like in america, luisiana swamp cricket, or piccaninny  � Casper caught his old lady getting fucked by that cara de llanta, what a dirty tramp.


carajo  (noun, masc.)
penis (falling into disuse with this meaning)  � Widely used in expressions like "Vete al carajo" (Go to hell!), "Que carajo quieres?" (What the fuck do you want?)


caranda  noun
tu carand  � used to unsult a woman


Damn it!  � This is a general expression that is always used as an expletive. Its equivalent in English would be "Oh, Fuck!" or "Oh, Shit!". Used throughout Spain and Mexico.


cardo borriquero  noun
Very ugly person, as ugly as sin  � Term used in Spain, it's the name of the milk thistle, a plant. Example of usage su novio es un cardo borriquero means her boyfriend's as ugly as sin


carechimba hijueputa  phrase
insult  � this is a Colombian insult and it means cunt fase son of a bitch


carepicha  boun
insult meaning cockface  � this term is actually supposed to be cara de Picha but has been reduced to carepicha to make it easier to say and faster.(Used a lot in Costa Rica)


Cargador de Bandeja  compost noun, masc, plural
Queer, Faggot  � This term means man who likes to take it up by the ass and literally Tray loader. (USed in Uruguay)


carnal  noun (car nell)
buddy, friend, brother  � Come on carnal give me some cariños. Come on pal, give me a hug.


carnal  noun
friend  � Oye! carnal.


carnal   noun
brother   � something that you would say to your friend or brother


cascar  (transitive verb)
literally: to hit, to kill, to damage something
in pronominal form: to wank, mansturbate (cascarsela)  � example of usage: se la casca más que un seminarista mean he wanks himself more than a seminarian. Found in Spain and Uruguay


casquete  (verb)
fuck (have a)  � to have a fuck. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag.


castrozo  adj.
ex. ese bato es bien castrozo  � person who is annoying (northern mexican slang)


Cayate  noun
Shut up  � No you can cayate puta


cazo  noun, masc. singular
pimp  � Slang - Spain only. It is pronounced CAH-so.


cerote / cerota  adjective
litterally means shit (male or female) commonly used to refer to a Salvadorian person.  � Alex no es Mexicano, es cerote. Alex is not a Mexican he is a Salvadorian.


chabarrita  adjective
girl  � girl


chabòn  noun
used among close male friends to mean friend or buddy  � Que haces, chabòn? What's happening, buddy? or How's it going, pal? Literally, What are you doing, my dear friend? Known in Argentina, particularly in larger cities, such as Buenos Aires and Rosario, among others


Chaca Chaca  verb
sex and the act of having sex  � Describes the humping action involved in sex.. I have only heard this in Mexico... from mexican girls ;)


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