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chacon  (noun, fem)
cunt  � This come from the Argentinian lunfardo (slang) where many words are inverted by sillabes. So the original is concha. La chacon de tu madre should be read as La concha de tu madre (Your mother's cunt)


chale  interjection
Fuck it; No way!  � Versatile Mexican expression that can be used to express both resigned assent and emphatic dissent. Ex. Chale, si tu no quieres, yo lo hago. Compare: Chale, yo no voy.


chamuco  noun
devil  � nickname for devil


chancla, chankleta  noun (CHON CLAWS)
sandals, flip-flops  � Pues vamos guey! Acaba de poner en chanclas tu y vamos a dejar! Hurry up fucker, just throw on some sandals and lets go!


changaerro  noun
thing  � used to describe a thing without a comoon name


chaparra pansona  Phrase
Short female with a big or fat belly  � Shhhs, dormir a chaparra pansona. Quiet, the big bellied short chic is asleep.


n Spain, male homosexual prostitute  � Quite despective; only poor kids are supposed to play with "chapas".


chapete  Noun
Stupid  � ERES UN CHAPETE. You are stupid.


chaqueta  noun
Hágame la chaqueta. (Jerk me off).  � Masturbation. Used in many parts of Mexico instead of puñeta, which is more common in other places. It literally means jacket in most other Spanish-speaking areas.


chardo  (noun, masc.)
black person  � This is Cuban slang for "nigger".


chata  ?
shut up  � ?


chatos  noun
crabs  � Not the kind served at The Red Lobster… You do not want to have Chatos for dinner. This term means to have crabs or pubic lice.


chava  noun
Girl, chick (from Mexico)
  � Me gusta una chava pero tiene novio. - I like some chic but she has a boyfriend.


Chavalo / Chavala  noun (..lo - masculine / - feminine)
little boy  � Que te pasa Chavalo? What's happening little boy? (warm greeting)


Cheeko  Adjective
I like you cheeko  � Means Small. Real Spelling is Chico


Chela  noun
Beer (mexican)  � Tomé dos chelas y regresé al hotel. (I drank 2 beers and returned to the hotel.)


chele  noun
white person  � This term refers to a white person. (Nicaraguan slang)


cheona  adjective
crybaby  � It is pronounced chi-yo-na. (Mexican slang)


chepa  noun
pussy, vagina  � Me gusta tu chepa. (Equador)


cherie, (el/la)  noun masculine and femine
Used as a term of affection, equivalant to Sweetheart in English and Chérie in French.  � Te Quiero cherie.
I love you sweetheart


cherongia  noun
shit  � used to call people like dirt


cheve  beer
mexican slang  � i just had a few cheves and im meesed up!


chevere  verb, could be used as noun also
chevere manito

chevere asere  � Cuban slang for cool, allright


chi chi  noun
greeting  � term of endearment (or singular for breast / tit)


Chibea, Chivea  verb, refelxive
blushing, to get embarassed  � When someone hides behind something, Ay se chibea


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