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chichis  (noun)
Tits  � Yummy! Did you see the chichis on that momacita!


chichona  noun, fem. singular
a large breasted woman  � this term literally means a woman with big tits
pronounced chee-choh-nah. (Chicano slang)


chichotas, chichachotas  noun, fem. plural
large breasts, enormous breasts  � (mexican slang) larger, in order, than chi-chis.


chido  verb
cool, awesome!  � sweet!


Chido  Adj.
Tyte, Cool, Baddass...(the list goes on)  � Ex.That's Chido, Ese!(Mexican slang) - Mira que tan chido son los zapatos (Look at your badass shoes.)


chilango  noun
person born and raised in Mexico City  � pronounced chee-lan-go


Chilapastrosa (o)  Noun, adj.
To insult, derogate a person for his/her appearance.  � Eres una chilapastrosa. Meaning: You're dressed in rags.
Tu novio es un chilapastroso. Meaning: Your boyfriend dresses like a ragman.


chilardero  substantive
Place where the best chiles grow  � Qué chilardero tan bonito - What pretty area for chiles
Yo tengo un chilardero- I have a place where I grow chiles


chilarderohéroe  Adjetivo, noun
Person who takes care/grow of chiles  � Clay es un chilarderohéroe - Clay is the best growing chiles


chile  noun
penis  � This term literally means spicy pepper.


chilito  (noun, masc.)
little dick  � pronounced "chee-lee-tow"; (Mex. Spanish). Watch out! A chilito is also a food item on the menu at Taco Bell. In Mexico, however, it is a BIG insult! Literally it means little or small chile.


opium or pure heroin  � see also "chocalate de fu man chu". (Mexican slang)


chincona  noun
you look chincona  � you look chincona in that picture


chinga to putas  verb
fuck all bitches  � negative descriptiony


Chinga tu madre  Phrase
Fuck your mother  � I think it speaks for itself.


chingadera  noun
exclamation  � That chingadera


chingadera  noun
used to describe or name an object that doesn't have a name or you can't remember the name right away, almost the same as whatcha ma call it

sort of derogatory   � ex: Traeme la chingadera esa.
Bring me that whatcha ma call it or Bring me that fucking thing.
used in Mexico


Chingadera  Adj.
Useless  � This word is used to refer something that is not of good quality.

Esto es una chingadera This is a piece crap - bad stuff.


chingalo!  (phrase)
fuck it!  � This interjection is derived from chingar


to fuck  � Mexican Spanish. Can be used on its own or in a sentence as 'chinga tu puta madre'. Literally it means 'fuck your mother of a whore' and is used in the same sense as 'fuck you'.


chingaso  noun
fists, punches.  � Throw the chingasos. to fight with someone. to throw the punches or fists.


chingate  (verb)
fuck you  � pronunced "cheen-ga-tay" (Mex. Spanish)


chingo  don't know
chingo veto   � when you see something special?


Chingon  Noun
a name to call a person or thing  � This word comes from the word Chingar. It used to say a person or thing is fuckin' cool or all that. It's pronounced ching-GON. (Mexican Slang)


Chingona  noun, fem
Bad ass latina  � Ella es chingona (Mexican Slang)It is pronounced ching-gon-ah
Means; She is a bad ass


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