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chiple  noun, adjective.
To be pampered, spoiled or much loved.  � Ancient mexican slang word meaning (noun)the possetion of others tenderness or attention as from a parent, sibling or friend. Estas chiple: You are Chiple, Tu mama y tu novia te tienen chilpe: Your mom and your girl-friend have you chiple- almost but not quite it means to be spoiled. Needing the love, attention or tenderness of others.(Adjective) Me siento chiple: I feel Chilple. Andas chiple You are (behaving)chiple.


Chipocluda (o)  Fem/masc, singular, adjetive
To brag about somebody's abilities  � Communicates confidence, being able to do something.
Yo soy muy chipocludo Meaning:I'm good doing this or that.
Te crees muy chipocludo Meaning: You think you are so good...


Chiquilla; Chiquitita  noun, fem. singular
When saying ¡Ay Chiquilla! other ¡Chiquitita!  � Used for nice looking women, literally it means small one; giving a tender sense or beauty or nice body, no very recommended to use if there is not an extreme confidence grade.


Chiquistrikis  Noun, plural
To a man  � Saying to a person


chis  noun
piss  � As an interjection, it can also mean "shh!" or "pst!"; (Mexican slang).


chisme  verb (cheese-mea)
gossip  � means a noisy person, someone who talks about others, gossip


chisme  verb
que chisme? What's the gossip?  � Pronounced (Cheese-Meh)


Chispalé  verb
Chispa literally means sparkle. Chispalé is slang meaning Make sparks or Get outta here  � Someone is getting on your nerves, or you wish them to move along, you say Chispalé.


chitosa  verb
muy chitosa  � muy chitosa


chivos  noun
blowjob  � da me chivos por favor. Give me a blowjob please.


chocalate de fu man chu   
opium or pure heroin  � see also "chinaloa". (Mexican slang)


Chocha  Noun
Pussy  � Cuban or Puero Rican slang for pussy. La chocha me duele.
My pussy hurts.


Chochear  adj.
To get old, unable to do physical and mental activities  � This word has a derogative use.
Ya estás chocheando. You are getting old.


chocho, chocha  (noun, masc.)
cunt  � (Mexican slang). It can also mean "an old person ready for death." It is pronounced "CHO-cho". Has the same meanings in Spain as in Mexico. Can be used as verb: "chochear", meaning that you are senile; rude for people over 50 Ex. "Este tio chochea"


chola  adj.
bad girl.  � girls in street gangs. Often times hot latina chics with no father to beat their fucking boyfriend's ass and keep her inside. Usually they wear dark makeup and eyeliner in place of their shaved eyebrows.


cholo  (noun, masc.)
pimp  � (Mex. and Puerto Rican Spanish) This word is also used to mean half-breed / mixed race.


Cholo/a  noun (male / fem)
Ghetto,or cool person  � they use it in mexico 2 say that they are ghetto… something like we would say here… like they are down, or they are the ruffest. The guys that hang out at the fucking corner starting shit with people that are just minding their own business and always wearing white T-Shirts and waist size 50 pants usually unwashed 501s or Ben Davis.


Chonis  Noun
underwear  � slang


chora  (noun, fem.)
marijuana  � It is pronounced "CHO-rah". (Mexican slang)


chora lacia  noun, maculine, singular
flacid penis  � Chora is also known as dick. This is an offensive phrase to insult a man who can't get erect.


chota  noun
cop, police  � Ay viene la chota, (Here come the cops)


chubidubi  idiomatic
cali slang  � slang or code word for crystal meth


chucha  plural
deam i messed it up!
  � (chucha la cage...)
When someone does something wrong(chucha means pussy)


chucha cuerera  (noun, fem.)(adj., fem.)
slut; a very sexually experienced female  � (Mexican slang)


chuchaqui  adjective
estar chuchaqui  � Used to express that you or someone else is hungover. Estoy chuchaqui means I am hungover.


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