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chuche  chuche
chuche  � chuche


Chucho  Noun
Dog  � Slang in El Salvador for dog.


chula  adjective
common term used in Mexico  � chula can mean the same as linda; Mira! Que chula esa chica! However, this term in Colombia means buzzard, so don;t tell a girl in Bogota she is muy chula. It WON'T get you any points. . .


Chuleta or Chuso  Noun
Pork chop, ah crap  � Literally means pork chop, but can also be used to signify disappointment, anger, or disgust. Similiar to shoot damn! or shit! in English. Used in Panama.


chulo  noun
eres un chulo, papi chulo  � pimp or player. Literally means Cute or Handsome


chunt or chunty  noun
wet back or border brother  � usually you are called a chunt if you do shit that Mexican people from mexico do and that American-Mexicans do not normally do. Like ride with 4 guys in the front seat or wear those big fucking hats with tight jeans.


chupa ma verga mucho maricone  verb, noun
suck my dick, mighty fagboy  � Most vulgar of curses in the spanish language


Chupa mi huevos  Verb
Suck My Balls  � Literaly means suck my Eggs. It is Pronounced "choo-Pa Me way-vose"


chupa mi tetas  Phrase
Suck my breasts (tits)  � ohhh papi, por favor chupa mi tetas! ohhh daddy, please suck my tits.


chupale me mi verga   fem.
suck my dick  � means suck my dick


Chupame la polla!   
Suck my dick  � 'Chupame mi pinga' or 'Chupame la polla' or 'Chupamela'. All of them are very rude.


chupamedias  m, f, adj
(Argentina)  � [derogatory] lit. 'sock-sucker', boot-licker.


chuperson  (noun, fem.)
penis  � It is pronounced "chew-pear-SON". (Mexican slang)


chupirul  noun (masc.)
a blowjob  � Mexican slang. For example: Me dio un chupirul perro. She gave me a great blowjob.


chutaro  eres un chutaro
indio  � insulto


cipote  (noun, masc.)
penis  �  


cochina  noun,fem
pussy  � coh-chee-na


cochina  noun
name  � slang name


cochino  noun
dirty mind  � all women have dirty minds.


cochon  adjective
Nicaraguan slang for faggot.

  � This is the most commonly used slang term for faggot in Nicaragua.


cocolo  noun
Let's go watch the cocolos dance.  � Means a black person or moreno. Used in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, perhaps other areas as well.


coge  noun
in mexico its an insult  � insult


coger  verb.
to bang...have sex hump...  � -me la voy a coger! meaning i am going to fuck...
-quieres coger? meaning want to fuck...


to copulate  � Used in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. For other countries, see "tirar", "cachar", "cepillar" ",montar", "comer"


Cojar  verb
Cojamos su a madre  � sex


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