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Alejandro Gomez  noun
Eres un Alex Gomez.  � bitch;cock-sucker;cunt;dooche


alimentos  (noun, masc., plural.)
tits  � Literally, this word means "food allowance" or "alimony". (Mexican slang)


almeja  (noun)
cunt (Litterally - clam)  � A very strong word. DO NOT say it to a lady! Used in phrases such as : "le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt"


Alocate  verb
get crazy  � alocate y haste mia --- get crazy and be mine!


ambia  noun
close friend  � pronounced om be ah (cuban)


amiga  noun
stupid  � tu es amiga- you are stupid


amígdalas  tonsils
medical term  � medical term


amigos con derechos  noun
spanish equivalent of friends with benefits  � used to describe 2 people who are more than just friends, but arent together like a boyfriend a girlfriend. 2 friends who hookup, but dont have a relationship.


andar con el cutis flojo  (phrase)
to have diarrhea  � This phrase actually means...." to walk around with loose skin". (Mexican Spanish)


andar con mal tapon  (phrase)
to have constipation  � This phrase actually means...." to walk around with a defective cork". This phrase is used as an insult when talking to someone who is uptight. (Mexican slang)


andar jineteando alazon  (phrase)
to menstruate  � The term "alazon" is a reddish-brown plant with sour juice. (Mexican slang)


angel custodio  (noun, masc.)(adj., masc.)
condom  � (lit) guardian angel. It is pronounced "AHN-jail cus-toe-DIO". (Mexican Spanish)


angel de la guardia   
condom  � (lit) guardian angel; see also angel custodio. (Mexican Spanish)


anus  � This term is basically a Mexican parroting of the word "anus". It is pronounced "AHN-niece". (Mexican Spanish)


NOW  � now as in right away


aparato  (noun, masc.)
penis  � (lit) apparatus; (Mexican slang)


apasiguate  Verb
behave or calm down  � Ay Fernando apasiguate! Fernando calm down. (I do not know why some dip shit would add this non-slang vacabulary word to this dictionary but here it is anyway. Used in some parts of Mexico


apedrear  (verb, trans.)
to reek of shit  � Also, has another meaning: "to stone to death". (Mexican slang)


apetacona   adjective, fem.
woman with a large butt  � Apetaca being the behind or the trunk of an auto. In this case, we are referring to the woman's apetaca. If she is is endowed, then she is apetacona. Mexican slang


apretada  (noun, fem.)
a young woman who is snobby and very frigid (not necessarily a virgin), who has little or no sexual experience As an adjective, it means "tight" and "stingy". (Mexican slang)  �  


apuñalar  verb, infinitive
to masturbate  � The literal meaning is 'to stab' and its most common use is in its reflexive form, 'to stab oneself' or apuñalarse. It resembles -very graphically- the act of masturbation. Eg.: After the movie he went to the toilet and stabbed himself. Used only in Peru.


aracata  (noun, fem.)
marijuana  � (Mexican Spanish)


arma  (noun, fem.)
penis  � Literally, this means "weapon"; pronounced "AR-mah".


Arranque  Party, gathering
Tonite we are going to the arranque!!!  � Term to decribe a great party!!


horny  � Used in Peru and Ecuador for "horny"


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