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cuchiplanchar  verb
To have sex missionary style.   � This term literally means lay her out flat like an iron (Mexican slang) Pronounced koo-chee-plahn-chahr

Examples: Fue una noche de puro cuchiplanchar. Me la cuchiplanche. La cuchiplanchada estuvo muy rico.


cuero  adjective
bitch  � It really means leather, but used in slang it's bitch. (Dominican Republic)


cuero sucio  fem
a term use for a slut and or prostitude. someone that has sex with everyone and just don't care.  � dirty skin (Dominican slang)


cuesco  noun,male,singular
fart  � tirarse un cuesco = to fart


to move the ass (lit), to fuck (fig)  �  


culera/culero  adj or noun
asshole, very insulting  � Alex le pega a su mujer sólo porque él puede. Algunos podrían considerarlo un culero. Alex is an asshole.


Culero  adj.
insult  � Used to call someone an asshole


culero  (noun, Spain)
Petty drug dealer who smuggles hashish from Morocco to Spain by hiding it within his/her ass.  � (adj, Mexico) unpleasant, stroppy.


culero  adjective
sucks, extremely unfavorable.  � Ex: Tu papa es bien culero or Tengo un dolor de cabeza bien culero.. ( your dad sucks) ( this headache sucks)


Culo  Noun
in Mexico it means butthole Puerto Rico it means ass  � Mexico::: Tu hueles a puro culo, u smell like strate asshole. Puerto Rico::: Tiene Tremendo Culo, She Has a Big ASS!


Culo  m
culo.  � bottom, low end (of a bottle); ass, butt (of a person); culos de botella ('bottle bottoms'): a pair of glasses with very thick lenses; 2 good luck, esp. in games


cuqui  noun
boogie man. Don't go over there the cuqui is going to get you…  � Just like La Llorona.


cusca  (noun, fem.)
slut  � (Mex. Spanish)


cutre  (masc. fem., noun & adjective)
idiot, jerk; sth you don't like (una cosa cutre)  �  


cuvo  verb
greeting  � greeting, hello


dabuten  (adj.)
great, cool (una tfa dabuten: a great girl)  � especially used in Madrid, derived from "de puta madre"; same meaning as: chachi, guay


dale chaim or/ chime  masc.
when saying chupale mi verga mamacita dale chime.
or chupale me concha papicito dale chime  � means to get into it or work your ass off to give the best pleasure you can


dame besos  N/A
kisses   � literally means give me kisses


Dame un Pase de Perico  drugs, cocaine
drugs  � this phrase is said when a person wants a shot of cocaine


dar candela por el culo  phrase
to take it up the ass;to fuck someone in the ass; to bugger  � Cuban usage; Ex: A Maria le gusta que le dan candela por el culo. Translation: Mary likes to take it up the ass.


Darse huevos  adv.
I am too lazy  � Lit: 'given eggs'
Used to emphasize the fact that your testicles are so big and heavy that you are exhausted from carrying them around. If you are sitting on the couch and you are out of beer, and your woman refuses to get you more, you would plead 'darse huevos!' to be clear about why you couldn't get it yourself.


deacachimba  adjective
bitchin'  � to describe something cool

este hombre es bien deacachimba

to show expression

deacachimba hombre!


Debsterita  Noun, Fem
Someone undaunted.   � Pamela: OMG those goats are going to torture me into submission! Que lastima!!
Cathy: Silencio Pamela! Turn your pain into pleasure at the hands of the Goat. That is the lesson of La Debsterita!
Pamela: Si...I will submit willingly to las cabras. It is what La Debsterita would want!


del coño sur  adjective, fem/masc sing.
Racist term used in Spain and applied to all south-american people, specially the Spanish-speakers   � This term literally means from the southern cunt/pussy and it's self-explanatory about what some Spanish people think about south-america. It's a stronger term for SUDACA which is applied also to insult south-american people. (Spanish Slang)


del rejue  (phrase)
prostitute  � (Mexican and Guat. slang)


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