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del rejuego  (phrase)
prostitute  � variation of rejue; (Mexican and Guat. slang)


Derrame cacal  noun
iiii teNg0 Derrame cacal, salte del baņo ah0ra, teNgo gran diarrea  � eL SalVad0r


desgrasar la chuleta  Verb
Mami, te voy a desgrasar la chuleta  � To eat a girls pussy untill she cums all over your face, and you leave that shit all greased up and nasty as hell!


despelote  verb
Aqui se va a formar un despelote!  � Uncontrollable acts; i.e. The shit has hit the fan!


despelote  m
a mess, an occasion of great confusion, an organizational disaster. (Argentina)  � Etymology: from the privative preffix des- (English des-, de-, dis-) and pelot- 'ball' (fig. 'testicle'). The ending -e is curiously found often in words of occasion with a negative connotation.


diablito  noun, masc. sing.
little devil  � little devil


dimo  noun
dime  � Dame un dimo. Give me a dime.


domino  ah domino
sex talk  � during sex


domino  noun
sex talk  � during sex


echar el monstruo a nadar  noun
defecate  � to throw the monster out to swim


echar un polvo  verb
Literally means to make dust  � to have sex, Spain


el chingon  verb
"The shit" "The Badass" one not to be reckoned with  � Jose is a bad ass mo-fo and therefore the call him "El Chingon"


el de atras  (phrase)
asshole  � (lit) "the thing in your bottom". (Mexican slang)


el gata el supra y hongores'  noun, fem. plural
person who shits in a person's mouth and ate their mothers used tampon that will shit that out and make their friend eat it too.  � exactly what I wrote above.


El Niņo  noun, singular
the infant  � Named by the fishermen who lived on the spanish shores, this name was given to a current of unusually warm water that came to the spanish shore every few years near Christmastime.The fishermen, believing in the birth of the Christ child at Christmas, called it El Niņo, which meant the infant.


El pierde aceite  verb + noun
You are a faggot.  � It literally means you are losing oil . Spanish slang from the Southern Spanish region, near Malaga.


el sin mangas  (phrase)
condom  � (Mexican slang)


encular  (verb)
to bugger  � To fuck by the asshole.


Engendro  noun
Applied to girls mean: very ugly person or freak
Applied to things mean: Monstrosity
  � This term literally mean fetus and is used to designate a very ugly girl nearly malformed


enserastes  noun
dont know   � Well if you do not fucking know then why did you enter it into my dictionary dumbass. Entries are for words that you know!


eres mas largo/a que una meada en las losas  phrase
the term itself is an uncommon funny flattery  � used to refer someone who is tall.


escuincle  noun, adj,
a pesky child, a brat  � ese nino es un pinche escuincle. pronounced es-quin-kle


ese  (noun, masc.)
homeboy (not spelled Essay)  � A very friendly term to refer to your amigo. (Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish); An example: "Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?" ("Hey there, homeboy, what's up?").


ese bato  greeting
greeting  � greeting


esse  male noun
greeting  � slang for hey man


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