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fusca  verb
spanish  � con fusca y con cachiporra


Fuzd  Propoer noun
Mensajería multilingüe y llamando app en iTunes  � FUZD es la mensajería multilingüe y aplicación llamada que le permite conocer gente nueva, charlar sin las barreras del idioma y mantenerse en contacto con amigos a través de los países! Texto, llamar, enviar mensajes de fotos y video GRATIS!


gallona  noun
a term used to describe a female who thinks she's the shit. GALLON is used for a male.  � Orale Gallona! used in Mexico Pronounced (Guy-own-ah)


ganas  noun
2nd person singular of win  � desire, motivation ( made popular by Jaime Escalante, teacher at Garfield High School in Los Angeles, who achieved extraordinary success with his students) Dale con ganas guey! (do it with balls my friend)


gaucho  noun
manly  � stud


gavacho, gabacho  noun
Spelled gabacho but pronounced (Ga Vah Cho) Pinche gavacho, come caca. Eat shit you stupid whiteboy.  � caucasian


gayola  noun, fem. sing.
Manual masturbation, handjob.  � Spain.


gilipollas  (adjective)
dumb ass, idiot, stupid  � used in spain


gomas  noun, fem. plural
Literally means: rubbers (not condoms)  � Is Chile is used to refer to breasts in a a similar manner as boobs in English


great grand mother  noun
title  � name for great grandmother


Greenga, Gringa  noun
White Girl  � Oye Pepe, ya sabes el maricon manolo coge la pinche gringa Angela? Hey Pete, did you know that Manwell got with that white chic Angela?


grifear  (verb)
to smoke marijuana  � (Mexican Spanish)


drug-induced intoxification  � This term can also refer to someone who is constantly "strung out" on drugs. (Mexican slang)


grilla  (noun, fem.)
marijuana  � (lit) female cricket; a quarrel. (Mexican, Central and South American slang)


grillo  noun
literally a cricket used as an insult toward someone annoying  � Alex es un pinche grillo. Alex is really annoying.


gringita  noun
hola gringita. Hello little white girl.  � endearing term for a white chic.


gringo  noun, masc., sing.
white person  � This is a negative term for a white person.


Gringo/Gringa  They're gringos they don't know spanish...
White person,some one not of spanish descent,etc...  � Whitey, not from Latin America/or born or raised by hispanics,Yankee,does not speak spanish,Etc...


guagua  noun
bus  � school bus,city bus


guapa  noun
very pretty female  � Alejandra es muy guapa! Alejandra is really pretty.


guarra  (noun. fem. singular)
1- dirty, (examble Juan es un guarro (Jan is dirty))
2- slut, sow(examle esa guarra siempre pilla algun tio (this slut always gets a boy))
3- Exclamation used to denigrate a girl or indicate she is active sexually (GUARRA!!, used very often in Spain)
4- Female expert in KAMASUTRA (no comments)  � This term literally means female pig or dirty person. It is pronounced Gwaa-raa. (Used in Spain).
Other synonims are: cochina, cerda and puerca


guatacar  verb
butt kisser  � kiss ass


gue  greeting
que onda gue?  � whats happening dude


güebo  noun
cock, dick  � Another name for the male organ, primarily used in the Domincan Republic.


güebo, gnebo  Noun
cock  � noun used commonly in Santo Domingo instead of "pinga", especially in phrases such as "mama mi gnebo" (suck my cock).


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