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Güero, Güera (huero, huera)  noun
white girl pronounced (Wed ahh)  � This word means white girl or light skinned girl or blonde haired woman. Was there seriously a reason to enter this word 6 times?


guettera  noun
gun  � gun


guey  slang
pinche guey  � dumbass


guey  noun
  � slang


güey  noun, masc, sing
guy, dude, man  � ¿Qué tal güey? --> Whatsup dude? I've heard this is Mexico and Costa Rica at least. Literally means "ox" or "oxen" but often used as an insult.


gumersinda  (noun, fem.)
raw heroin, crude opium  � (Mexican slang)


hacer chaqueta  verb
jerk off, wack off, masterbate  � means to masterbate (for a male)


hacer la (una) paja   
to masturbate  � The reflexive form ("hacerse una paja") means to masturbate oneself. The transitive form ("le hizo una paja a su amigo") means to masturbate somebody else.


hacer la minetta  verb
argentina  � to do fellatio


hacer la sopa  (verb)
to perform oral sex to a woman, to lick a woman¦s pussy (fig.)  � Literally means " to make a soup" . Example : Te voy a hacer la sopa ( I am going to suck your pussy)


hacer un cheese   verb
to take a piss   � Used by men, is very vulgar when used by women in Mexico.


hacer un cuadro   
to make a daisy chain  � Cuban usage. Vamos buscar tres jebas y hacer un cuadro. Translation: Let's find three broads and make a daisy chain.


hacer una cubana  (phrase)
to place a man's pennis between woman's breasts and use these to shake it up, so that the man can jerk off on them  � It is frequently used in Spain as to define the hottest act a woman may perform for a man.I.e: Hazme una cubana, hazme una cubanita.


hacerse las punjetas   
To masturbate (nj as in Espanja)  �  


Hanguear  verb
To hang out  � You will hear this in reaggaton songs. Pronounced awn gay arh


haniando  verb
to make out grope or feel up  � Estabamos hananiando cuando llego mi madre


hasa  noun
flying pig  � it means flying pig


hasta el culo  adverb
REALLY drunk, wasted  � Literally means until the ass. Pronounced asta el coo-loh. Nicaragua


Hasta la madre  Verb
Passed out, as in drunk.  � Quando me sali de su casa, estuvo hasta la madre.


Hazte Coger or Hazte Cojer  verb, command form
This usually means get fucked or go get fucked   � I have not heard this in northern Mexico, only Mexico City and the Yucatan, also a Venezuelan friend is familiar with it.


Hechar Pata  Phrase
to have sex  � Literaly it means to throw a leg (Mexican Slang)


hey  noun
hey man  � hey how are you doing?


hey tocio  noun
greeting to person of same first name  � greeting to person of same first name


hierba  (noun, fem.)
marijuana  � This term literally means "grass" or "herb"; (Mexican Spanish). (see also "yerba")


Hijo de la gran puta  Phrase
One step above Son of a bitch... Sort of like Son of a Big Fucking Bitch.  � Literally means Son of the great whore (Cuban Slang)


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