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hijo de perra  noun
disagree  � used when you are disagree with another person. Litterally means Son of a female dog.


hijo de puta   
son of a bitch  �  


hijole  interjection
Wow!  � Hijole! Yo no sabia! (EE-ho-lay)

Mexican slang, mild and inoffensive, to used to denote surprise
and affirmtion of understanding.


hina  verb
Girl  � where are the hinas at? where the girls at?


hola  noun
greeting  � California


hooked  noune
Hookef on frugs  � Means hooked on drugd


horale'  dont know
not sure  � surprise?


horny  texmex
Im horny  � Horny


it means punch or hit also used as an exclamation  � used in spain


Hoto  noun
fag or faggot  � Pronounced Ho-to mexican slang


hoy  adjective
today  � ven a que hoy come here today


hue  noun
insult  � insult


huela  noun
grandmother  � short for abuela


hueon  noun
dude, friend, etc  � a Chilean Slang Word
Ex: hey, Hueon que onda?
Hey Dude, What's up!


Huera, GŁera  White Chic or Light Skinned Femail
Check out that pinche huera, she tinks shes all that.  � Pronounced Weta or Wedda - I love the chichitas on that firme huera, if I was her kid I would breast feed until I was 18. The call my ruca huera because she is light skinned (light skinded as some people say)


huerfanos  noun
a mans balls  � any where


Huerito, GŁerito  noun
Pronounced (wed-e-toe) White boy  � Name to call a white boy


eggs (lit) testicles  �  


Hyna   noun,
Sexy, pretty, or beautiful female  � Used mostly in mexico, used to describe a woman orale vato, cacha una mirada a esa hyna referring to right on dude, take a look at that sexy chick


hyna  noun, singular
girl, chic. Did you check out those firme hynas! This is my hyna, Maria.  � it is pronounced hi-naa. [chicano slang] it is used by chicanos often.


impermeable  (noun, masc.)
condom  � Actually, this is the Spanish word for "raincoat". (Mexican slang)


ir a botar el agua al canario   
to go take a leak; to piss;  � Cuban slang. Ex: Voy a botar el agua al canario. Translation: I'm gonna go take a leak.


ir a desgastar el petate  (phrase)
to have sex  � Literally..."to wear down the bedding". (Mexican slang)


ir a desvencigar la cama  (phrase)
to have sex  � Literally..."to go break the bed". (Mexican slang)


ir a hacer de las aguas  (phrase)
to have sex  � Literally..."to go make some water". (Mexican slang)


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