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arrima tu prima   
fuck the hell out of your cousin  � these are cool words around gentleman


asqueroso  (adjective)
smth. disgusting - una cosa asquerosa  �  


asqueroso, a  (noun)
disgusting person, asshole  �  


atizar coliflor tostada  (phrase)
to smoke marijuana  � Literally...."to smoke toasted cauliflower". (Mexican slang)


atizar mota  (verb, trans.)(noun, fem.)
to smoke marijuana  � Literally...."to stir the powder". (Mexican slang)


avergallon  (noun, masc.)
masturbation of the penis  � see also vergallo; (Mexican slang).


avionaso  verb
to get lost  � no manches esa morra te dio el avionaso


ay joven!  (interjection)
This is a popular comeback said in response to someone who is talking about their "dick". More or less, it means..."Oh yeah, the small one!" (Mexican slang)  � Literally means young man.


ay te huatcho  verb mas.
See you  � used when saying bye to someone, bluntly put watch yourself
ah-ee-te-wout-ch-oh mexican slang


ayer me follé a tu madre  phrase
Literally: Yesterday I fucked your mother.  � Be prepared to defend your honor after admitting this to your friend as he may not find it as pleasant as you may have.


ayotes  (noun, masc., plural)
testicles  � This term literally means "pumpkins"; (Mexican slang).


baboso / babosa  m, f, adj
Pinche Baboso! (You Fucking Drooler)  � a skirt-chaser (also the same sense applied to women), lusty, crazy about (the opposite) sex. Lit. 'drooly, drooling'.


Bacalao  (noun, masc.)
cunt  � (lit) codfish; (Mexican slang)


bacalao  te conozco bacalao
Puerto Rican slang  � Puerto Rico


bachon  noun
to flick  � To flick hit someone with your finger


bajar al pozo   
to eat pussy  � Cuban usage. Ex: A Pedro le gusta bajar al pozo. Translation: Pete likes to eat pussy.


bajar por los chescos  saying
Mexican slang for fellatio, literally meaning to go down for sodas (refreshments), chescos being the diminuitive of refrescos.  � Ella quiere bajar por los chescos.


bandera roja  (noun, fem.)(adj., fem.)
menstruation  � Literally, this means "red flag".


bastardiar  (verb)
to have sex outside of marriage  � This term literally means "to produce bastards". (Mexican slang)


basuco  (noun, masc.)
crack (smokable form of cocaine)  � Pronounced "baa-SU-co"; Mexican, Central and South American Spanish)


bato  noun
boy, men  � el bato no esta aqui


Bedro  Verb
Beef, War  � Fights, War


Bellaco / Bellaca  adjective
horny  � a horny male/female.used in Puerto Rico.Pronounced ba-yaa-ko


berreadero  (noun, masc.)
whorehouse, brothel  � (Mexican Spanish)


Besa mi culo, puto  spanish cussing
same  � Kiss my ass, bitch


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