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Besame el culo  phrase or interjection
Interjection used to indicate you are angry, disagree or to laugh at someone  � This expression means literally Kiss my ass and it is rather rude to say that, specially with a girl. (Used mainly in Spain)


beso negro  (noun)
The act of sucking someone's anus (ass hole), first licking the external surroundings of it and afterwards having her/his tongue introduced into the rectum completely.  � Literally, black kiss. It is a term widely known among promiscuous social establishments in Spain, but also known as an act of supreme and refined taste among aristocrats in Spain, France and Italy for the last two centuries. It was considered as about the most pleasant act a female could do for a man, and is widely documented in French and Spanish Erotic Literature. Also, Spanish and French courtesans would appreciate the quality of a gentleman's manners by the way he would perform it. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashionable act, as tradition is recovered.


bicho  (noun)
Refers to the male penis  � It is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to the male penis, not in a disrespectful way, but with a common street name. In South America it means a litle animal, something like a bug or spider.


bimbolo  noun
penis, dick  � Mi bimbolo se paró (I got a hard-on)
I have heard this only among Dominicans.


biscocho  noun,masc. sing.
womans vagina  � This term means biscuit or bread.


Blonte  Noun
Blunt  � Marijuana rolled in cigar paper.


bobo  noun
idiot  � eres un bobo,(you are an idiot!)


Bo-Bo/Bo-Ba  Esa Bo-ba no sabe...
When you think someone is being a dumb-ass.  � Silly,Dumb...


bobolicon  noun
dumbass  � dumbass, stupid, bigger than dumb


Boconear  verb
to snitch  � Pronounced bow cah nea ar


Bolado  noun
flirt/man-whore  � A guy that is a flirt or is actively pursuing many girls at the same time attempting to seduce them into bed. Bolada is the same but for a girl. Only ever heard it in Mexico


bolas de fuegu  verb
Balls on fire  � this term is used when you light your balls on fire, or contract gonorrhea


bollo  (noun, masc.)
cunt, pussy  � used in western Venezuela. Example: Tremendo bollo!! (Nice cunt!!!). Please note that in other areas of Venezuela it means 'mess' or 'trouble' so the same expression 'Tremendo bollo' would mean 'big mess' or 'deep trouble' in other areas of the same country.


boludo  adj, male sigular
Idiot  � Literally means endowed with big testicles but used as a derrogatory comment as in idiot, asshole, dumbass (Argentina)


bombear  (verb, trans.)
to have sex outside of marriage  � This term literally means "to pump". (Mexican slang)


Bonbon  It's working bonbon
Often when conversating  � Texting


borrachera  noun
drinker  � Drunk (fem)


borracho(a)  adjective, noun
drunk, wasted, etc.
drunkard  � Eres borracho! You're drunk!
I've heard it Spain, but I understand it's used everywhere.


broster  noun, masc.
Great Friend  � This word came about, when a peruvian trying to say brother for a friend with brother status and they said broster, its used as a form of hello to a great friend. (Peruvian Slang)
Example: Someone comes in the room BROSTER!!! Como estas?


buey, güey  adj.,fem/male/singular (way)
Ay güey. Este pinche güey!  � General insult. Literally means "ox" or "oxen" but often used as an insult. Actually spelled güey


bufadora  Noun
blow hole(lit)., Pussy or cunt  � Su bufadora estaba muy mojado. Her pussy was very wet. (Mexico and Southwest US)


bujarrón  (noun singular or adjective)
queer  � familiar term for ''queer''


bunta  noun
namecalling  � cooks to waiters


buscar flete   
to hunt for pussy, go looking for a piece of ass  � Cuban slang. Example: Oye chico, vamos a salir a buscar flete por ahi. Translation: Hey man, let's go out and look for some ass.


caballo  (noun)
heroin  � Literally means "horse". The word "Jaco" has the same meaning.


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