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arse bandit  Phrase
HomoSexual  � John is an arse bandit


Arsehole  noun
Anus  � British equivalent of asshole


Afternoon  � This word is used extensively in Australia and also in England in some places.


Buttocks  � Now acceptable term on US television. 'John has a big ass.'


Ass boy  noun
   � Derogatory term for male homosexual. "Whatever you say, ass boy."


Assfuck  adj
asshole, shithead  � Said in place of saying no, or when someone says something stupid and a smart retort is needed. Usage: Not quite, assfuck.


asshole  noun
anus; detrimental person note second meaning very common nowadays.  � Mary thinks that John is an asshole.


asswipe  compound noun
toilet paper, Worthless piece of paper, like a parking ticket.  � John is an asswipe! (John is worth as much as the paper that I just used to wipe my stanky ass!)


Aunty  noun
likable older gay male  � not necessarily effeminate


ball  noun
testicle, Usually used in the plural.  � Not considered obscene today. 'John has a big pair of balls.'


balloon knot  noun
Mary was having her balloon knot bleached.  � Derogatory term for the anus


balls  noun
testicles  � male genitals


baltic  adj
cold  � mainly used in the phrase 'it's bloody baltic'


bang  verb, transitive
to fornicate  � Does not seem to have intransitive use 'John banged Mary all night.' '*John and Mary banged all night.'


basket  noun
The visible shape that the male genitals make in one's pants  � John has a big basket.


bastard  noun
a despicable person,illegitamate male note very common term, less offenssive today than a generation ago  � 'Mary believes that John is a real bastard.'


baths  gay steam bath
common term for steam bath.  � 'John got laid at the baths last night.'


be on the rag   verb phrase
have one's menstrual period  � stronger than 'period' : 'Mary is on the rag.'


bear  noun
a hairy beefy gay male  � Both Mary and John like bears.


beast with two backs   noun
the form of a couple during intercourse  � Often used with to make. John made the beast with two backs with Mary last night.


beat off   verb, transitive and intransitive
ck off (verb, trans. and intransitive)   � note variation of jack off. Used less commonly. 'John beats off twice a night.'


beaver  noun
Vagina  � Usage: Sexual slang, vulgar. For example; Show me your beaver, love. Etymology: Probably from furry skin of animal of similar name Pronounciation: Bee-vah


beef  noun
well-built male note used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities.  � 'Mary gets turned on by beef.'


beef curtains  noun
offensive term for the female genitals  � using this term to describe an induvidual girl's parts, when she is present will invite quite a lot of abuse, as it alludes to a female being well packed and not very clean, i.e. 'Mary, I bet when you're in the shower with the window open, your beef curtains flap around in the wind' followed by a slap and a thud as john hits the floor.


bell end  noun
tip of the penis  � can be used to desribe the body part or as an insult, words should be rung together, as if one word.


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