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cut  Noun
circumcised, having the foreskin of the penis, or the clitoris removed.  � Males were circumcised back in Biblical times as a form of obediance, and as a sacrifice to the Almighty Lord. Women in some Indian civilizations were circumcised as a ritual, and a form of punishment. (The purpose of this is to desensitize the woman so that sex is no longer enjoyable.


darky  Noun
black person  � This is used a lot by older white people when referring to any black person. It is not as offensive as nigger, but it is still has very strong undertones.


dick  noun, count
penis  � shouldn't be used in parlor room conversatin. Mary laughed as John tried to please her with his little dick.


Dickhead  noun
Used when someones acts or says something dumb or stupid.  � Jack's being a Dickhead


dickwad  adjective
someone who acts like a jerk. Asshole.  � Eat me, you fucking dickwad


diddle  verb, transitive
to have intercourse with  � This verb is used only transitively; it does not have the intransitive use that 'fuck' and 'screw' have: 'John diddled Mary.' '*John and Mary were diddling.' An unoffenive slang term.


diesel dyke  compound noun, count
masculine lesbian (the worst kind)  � Term used humorously but considered offensive by lesbians.


dildo  noun, count
male person or fake penis  � Detrimental term; implies the person is a loser. A artificial dick. Also the name of a town in Newfoundland.


Dill-Hole  noun
scared   � a pussy.. someone whos scared
ex: dont be a dill-hole just steal it!


dingleberry  noun, count
shit that dingles from the hairs surrounding one's asshole  � Not commonly known. Original meanings refers to a species of berry found in the Southeastern part of the U.S.


Doesn't know shit from shinola  Phrase
Doesn't know nothing or Can't tell good from bad or, in reference to a person, an idiot.  � Common expression in Southwestern U.S. An older and more completeversion is Doesn't know shit from shinola and thinks they are both fat meat. Shinola was a popular brand of dark shoepolish.


dong  noun
penis  � Not as common as 'cock' or 'pecker'. This word made history when a chief justice who was being confirmed for the Court was said to be called 'Long Dong Daddy.'


doo-doo  noun, mass
feces  � unoffensive term, originally childish. . 'Mary saw the doo-doo on the lawn.' Repopularized by that fag ass, monkey boy Michael Jackson.


dork wod  unknown
used like stupid person  � Dork Wod- used when one is being silly, or stupid.
EX. Timmy was dancing like a flamingo at school today, what a dork wod.


drag  noun, mass
dress of the opposite sex  � Term originated in gay community, is now widely used in the heterosexual community. 'John like going in drag.' Not to be confused with 'cross dressing', drag tends now to be used as a a humorous term or to the show business. 'Cross dressing' is more general and politically correct.


drag queen  noun, count
A person who likes to dress up in feminine clothes  � Term refers to those who do shows or like to be outrageously over dressed. Term immortalized in the movie 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. 'Alice Springs never was the same after the three drag queens left.'


duh  adverb
disbelief  � are you coming? duh!


Dumbfuck  Adj
It's like the same as saying 'dumb fucker' or 'fucking dumbass' ..I don't hear it too often, but it's quite funny when it's used  � EX: Dan you're a dumbfuck


dune coon  noun
also refered to as a sand nigger  � Commly used to decribe someone with asian natinality (example taliban, iraq, indian, and other countries of that area)


Dutch or Dutch Fuck  phrase
To fuck someone between the breasts  � Damn! Did you see those titties! I sure would like to Dutch Fuck that bitch!


dyke  noun, count
lesbian  � Term used amongst lesbians, but considered offensive if used outside of the community.


eat shit  verb phrase, idiom
A derogatory expression  � It has no specific meaning and is not necessarily meant literally. Used when the speaker it annoyed about someting: 'John told Mary to eat shit and fuck off.'


eddress  noun
electronic address, e-mail address  � I wouldn't use it myself but I have heard some geek ass fools using the term.


Facebuzzing (Face Buzzing)  verb
Last night I was facebuzzing and I added a bunch of my girl's friends.  � When you get home drunk from the club or bar and you go on face book and request to add a bunch of chics that you do not even know and especially ex-girlfriends or your girlfriend's girlfriends. Term coined by MrGabe himself. 2009


fag  noun
homosexual male  � abbreviated form of 'faggot'. Slightly less derogatory than faggot.


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