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pussy whipped  n
couples  � pussy whipped


redwings  verb
i got my redwings when i ate my girl out  � eating pussy while the girl is on the rag


ruckus  adjective
awesome  � A descriptive word for something really cool. Dude, that was so ruckus!


slam your meat  verb
to jack off   � to jack off and is also good to tell somebody stop slaming your meat (U.S. Slang)


slob on my knob  noun
telling someone to suck your dick  � won't you just shut up and slob on my knob bitch


smooches  noun
kisses  � Smooch with a pooch. To kiss an ugly chic.


Speak into the Mic  Phrase
Stop talking and get back to sucking my dick.  � When a girl is sucking your dick and she keeps stopping and talking or telling you a story or asking you a question, you tell her to speak into the Mic (talk into the mic) which basically means to SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET BACK TO SUCKING MY DICK! Why do girls think that just because they have your full attention while sucking your dick that they can stop and talk? If you did the equivalent to her she would have a bitch fit and start yelling at you.


super mandilon  pronoun
whipped  � super whipped person. Not the boss.


Texversation  verb
text-ver-say-shon - A conversation between two or more parties which is not actually spoken but over mobile phone texting.  � Last night I had a long ass textversation with that hoe I met the other night. We are going to hook up this weekend. Term coined by MrGabe himself. 2009


Turd Burglar  noun
gayfred is a turd burglar  � faggot someone that likes to fuck in the ass and stir shit around.
somebody stealing turds out of someone else's ass.


Tweeker  noun/verb
somobody that sniffs gets down with coke (cocaine)  � Emilio is a tweeker, he sniffs 8 times a day.


vatos  slang
anm  � jmko


way to be  expression
good job  � commonly used as a praise. Way to be!


whats crackin mama   Phrase
pickup line  � Translates to "What's happening"


wowie  noun
wowie  � blowjob


wussy  verb
womenly  � he is such a wussy (Nice way of saying pussy) A Wuss… A Sissy.


you feeling me  noun
you feeling me  � Are you in agreement with me or do you understand me (my point)


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