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berk  noun
an idiot  � (usually male) note derived from rhyming slang (Berkley hunt, cunt), though Berkley would normally be pronounced, BARKley


bi  adjective
bisexual  � abbreviated form of bisexual: 'Mary is bi.'


biatch  noun
variant of the word bitch   � Can be used to refer to a male or a female, a friend or an enemy. eg: What are you doing, biatch?


biffy  noun
bathroom, restroom  � Canadian term: 'Mary's in the biffy.'


bitch  adjective
an oppressive woman note term has gained general acceptance in recent times; original terms refers to 'female dog.'  � 'John found Mary out to be a vicious bitch.'


Block Head  noun
for females who have who have sucked the dicks of erevy guy who lives on their street  � suck my dick u fucking block head


bloody hell  phrase
oh my gosh  � used to express shock, the h can be silent,(for accent purposes), better sounding when pronounsed slower.


blow job  noun
fellatio  � Standard unacceptable term. 'Mary gave John a such good blow job that it made his toes curl!'


blow your wad  phrase
To ejaculate, to indicate surprise or excitement, To spend all of your money  � John blew his wad when he won the lottery John blew his wad when he saw mary naked. John took Mary out and blew his wad on an expensive meal.


bob  noun
big ol bitch  � used to describe extremely obese women. ie. hey, look out for the bob.


bobo  verb
Blow Job  � Mary always wants to trade a dime bag for a bobo but, she is only worth a joint.


boiler  noun
ugly woman  � That bird is a right boiler


boink  verb, transitive
Have intercourse with.  � 'John likes to boink Mary.'


Bone  verb
To fuck  � I want to bone Johnny Depp. Usually implies what a male does to a female or other male.


boner   noun
erection  � 'John had his first boner when he was ten.' 'Checking out that fine ass biatch gave me a boner that I could not hide because I was wearing sweats.


boob  noun
Breast  � Relatively acceptable today. 'Mary has big boobs.'


brown - brown nose  verb
to sniff an asshole; to butter someone up in order to win a favor.  � First meaning uncommon; second meaning common in the military and other large organizational institutions. Also 'to brown nose'


brown eye  noun
anus  � This word is commly used in refrence with anal sex. example: I would like to hit her it in the brown eye ( I would like to have anal sex with that individual.)


brownie points  phrase
Phrase used to describe credit gained for kissing someone's ass in order to gain preference.  � 'John was doing everything that bitch ass boss asked to try to gain brownie points'


buddy  noun
pal, guy, name of dog  � common term used in the United States. 'Hey buddy, come here for a minute, would ya.'


bugger  noun
One who copulates in the rectum.  � Also See 'buggery'


buggery  noun
The act of copulating in the rectum.  � A legal term in British and Canadian law.


built like a brick shithouse  noun, phrase, idiom
well built physiologically  � 'John is built like a brick shithouse.'


bull dyke  compound noun
masculine lesbian  � 'John thinks that if hot chicks are going to be lesbian then at least get with another hot chick and not with a ugly ass half man bull dyke'


bum-bandit   noun
person (male) who bangs bums   � it should be quite clear in what circumstance(s) this word could be used.


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