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bunghole  noun
anus  � very popular usage among US adolescents due in large part to MTV's Beavis and Butthead. Huhuhuhuhuh.


buns  noun
buttocks  � 'Mary likes John's buns.'


bush boogie  noun
black person  � very derogatory term referring to Blacks; derived from their jungle origins.


butch  adjective
masculine  � Term used may be used in heterosexual community (rare), but is frequent in the gay community. 'Mary is very butch.' The 'male' in a lesbian relationship.


Butt Pirate  noun
Damn, you are such a butt pirate  � One who is homosexual, one who is being stupid


cacker  noun
someone who cacks  � Used as provocative gesture to unsavoury characters: eg Sod off you cacker Rawhide


camel toes  noun
vagina as seen through a tight pair of jeans or pants.  � Can be attractive or funny looking depending on the female. It is usually difficult to accomplish a camel toe on a thin woman unless she has really plump lips or if she is wearing really tight pants made of a really thin material. You can definitely get camel toes on a thick chick even with a pair of jeans if they are tight or pulled up tight.


can  noun
Restroom, room with a toilet (toilets).  � 'John passed out in the can.'


cancer stick  noun
A cigarette  � John, if you keep smoking those cancer sticks the way you do, they'll kill you.


carpet muncher  noun
a person who performs cunninlingus.  � John is a highly skilled carpet muncher.


cathouse  compound noun
Not used as commonly as 'whorehouse'  � John found out that Mary was earning 10 bucks a night at the local cathouse.


cherry  noun
hymen, state of being verginal  � standard colloquial term, not parlour room term: 'Mary lost her cherry when she was 14.' Term can be used for males who have had their first sexual experience: 'John lost his cherry last night.' 'John popped Mary's cherry'


chicken  noun
underage male  � Used in the gay world only.


chicken hawk  noun
Gay male who likes underage males.  � Alternative form of 'chicken queen', used by 'masculine' gay males. 'John considers himself a chicken hawk.'


chicken queen  noun
gay male who is attracted to underage male homosexuals.  � Used somewhat derogatorily.


chief  noun
a stupid person  � You're thick - i.e. 'You're a chief' Not rude at all.


choad  noun
penis  � Popular high school word. Not to be confused with chode, which isn't as strong, and only means stupid or dumb.


chocolate cha cha  verb
Have anal intercourse  � John and George danced the chocolate cha cha all night.


chode  noun
scratch patch, grundle  � the area of skin located between the genitals and the anus


chode  noun
dumb person; can be used alone OR as a prefix OR as a suffix  � Shut up, chodelick! Piss off, dickchode! You're a chode!


choke the chicken  verb phrase
to masturbate  � 'Bill was choking the chicken while reading Playboy'


chow box  noun
pussy or Eat Pussy  � Can be used as a command. 'Wow, did you check out the chow box on Mary.' 'Mary has a beautiful chow box'


chubby chaser  noun
male who is attracted to fat homosexuals  � used humnorously. 'Mary thinks that John is a chubby chaser.'


chuck  noun
to vomit or throw (an item)  � I'm going to chuck... Hey John, chuck that ball over here.'


circle jerk  compound noun, count
An event where a group of males stand facing each other in a circle, each one masturbating.  � Not used in the straight community much except by young adoleschents who are first experiencing the joys of sex. 'John takes part in a circle jerk every Saturday night.'


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