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Clap, The  noun, singular
gonorrhea  � Common term: 'John got the clap at the tubs again.'


clipped  noun, singular
circumcised  � Did you hear the news about John? He got a clipped dick reversal operation!


clit  noun, singular
short for clitoris  � This word should not be used in the presence of women except politically uncorrect ones.


clit fight  verb
A sexual game between two women  � The sex fight game, played between two women who fuck each other with their clits. For more details about the sex fight game see the phrase sex fighter


closet  noun, mass
Hiding ones gayness  � Term originated as 'in the closet', then 'out of the closet' to refer to acknowledging ones gayness: 'John was in the closet for a long time before he came out of the closet last year, that big fag.' Term has since been extended to refer to any skeleton in the closet; i.e., anything one is unwilling to be open about.
closet queen (compound noun, count) A person in the closet. note Term used only in the gay community, not used much today. 'John was a closet queen before he came out.'


cock  noun, mass
Penis  � This is one of the more common synonyms for penis. 'John has a small cock and never gets any love.'


cock ring  noun, count
A piece of leather (usually) worn around the shank of the penis  � It purpose is to enhance an erection. 'John bought a new cock ring and wears it on weekends.' Term came out of the closet in the TV film 'Tales of the City.'


cocksmoker  noun
A fellator  � One who practices in the are of cock sucking (blow jobs). Also the title of a series of Adult films.


cocksucker  noun
A fellator  � The term is used in a deragatory and insulting way. You wouldn't call your girlfriend a cocksucker if you actually wanted her to suck your cock ever again. 'Hey, you goddamn cocksucker, give my condoms back to John.'


come stain  noun
1)Stain (usually found on sheets)created by the remnants of intercourse fluids. 2)Someone who is a real jerk.   � 1)Did you get the come stain out of the pillow cases? - 2)Fuck you, come stain, eat shit Also may be spelled cum stain.


come, cum  verb, intransitive
to ejaculate  � sometimes spelled as 'cum'. The verb is irregular - it is conjugated like 'come': Mary sucks cock so well that John came just thinking about it


Cookalatomas  Noun
Coochie  � It means a girls coochie... onli used when the girl has a fat coochie... coo ka la tomas


cornhole  verb, trans
to have anal intercourse with someone in the ass (not necessarily after eating an excess amount of corn but perhaps where it came from)  � 'John cornholes Bill once a month.'


crabs  noun
body lice found in the pubic area  � 'John got crabs from screwing that bitch Mary.'


Cracker  noun
white person  � A term used toward white people, although most Whites do not seem to be offended by this term.


Cracker  adj, noun
A derogatory term to describe the skin color of or just a white person.   � That cracker cop pulled me over just because I'm black!


crank  noun
Humorus word for penis  � John set his crank on Mary's shoulder.


Crap  noun, intrans
defecate  � Like other similar neutral terms, this one should not be used n parlour room conversation. Its direct object is the goal of location: 'John crapped his pants.'


crapper   noun, count
restroom, toilet  � Common term, not offensive, but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'John is in the crapper.' Mary is sitting on the crapper.' This term became immortalized when the flush toilet was invented by a Mr. Crapper.


cream one's jeans  verb phrase, idiom
to ejaculate in one's underwear (or pants)  � In addition to its obvious meaning term may also refer to someone getting very excited over something: 'John creamed his jeans when he saw the nude photo of James Dean.' 'John creamed his jeans when he saw Bill's restored '57 Chev.'


cum  neutral, noun
semen, ejaculate  � Possibly from to come (i.e. to ejaculate), it is widely used in the porn industry (vide porn video dialogues & titles); also used as a verb, as in John is cumming inside Mary.


cunt  noun
woman  � A very offensive word refering to a woman, stronger than 'bitch.'


cunt  noun
vagina  � Considered more offensive than 'fuck' today.


curry queen  phrase
gay male who is attracted to East Indian homosexuals  � Used humnorously. Considered racist. 'John came back from India a curry queen.'


cut  Noun
circumcised  � seems to be more British than American. See 'clipped.'


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