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pachute  noun
Mexican spanish  � Los Angeles


padejoe  noun
dummy  � dummy


padre  noun, masc, sing
cool  � literally father but used in Mexican slang to denote something cool/noteworthy/neat. Such as ¡Que padre! or Cool!. Or, Esa película es muy padre.


paja  (noun, fem)
masturbation  � Used in Colombia


pajarito  noun
pencil dick  � mexican slang


pajero  (noun, masculine)
Jerk-off; jackoff; person who masturbates  � A car known in the US as the Montero is sold in some European markets as the "Pajero," a name which some of my Spanish and Portuguese friends find hilariously stupid.


paleta  noun
come paleta  � Ice Cream


palgas  noun
con tus palgas que son mejores que yo  � suicide note


Palo  noun
Mexican Slang  � Dick, literally meaning stick.


palo  noun
drink  � shot of alcohol


panko or panka  noun
lover, when you're already married  � mexican slang in american southwest, your panko (male) or panka (female) comes over to see you when your wife or husband is not home.


panocha  noun, fem, singular
Vagina (Mexican spanish)
  � Actual term is a small compressed cone of brown raw sugar, large cones are called piloncillo, available in Mexican grocery stores.

Dame panocha! Give me some pussy!
Not too far from the American slang brown sugar.


panocha  noun
describe vagina  � female anatomy also a brown sugar candy sold in mexican markets


panocha, la   
cunt (female genitalia)  � [panotSa] literally "sweetbread". Mexican dialect


panoche  noun
vagina  � Mexico


pansa  noun
stomach  � Word used for stomach


The tropical fruit papaya  � (Noun) Used mainly by Cubans, it refers to the vulva and vagina. Only appropriate in guy-talk. It should never be said to a female.


papayona or papallona   
Being similar to the fruit papaya  � (Adj) Commonly used by Cubans. It is an insult directed at males and female when they do something annoying, such as cutting you off in traffic. Basically, you are calling the person a big vagina. The term is based on the analogy between the fleshy and juicy fruit and the vagina.


papi tulo  adjective
love  � you're my papi tulo!


papi chulo  noun
idk  � idk


papi chulo  noun
attractive male or pimp  � chulo has many definitions two being very handsome man and the other being pimp.


papi chulo-mami chula  mas.or fem.
a good lookin guy or girl  � the term literally means sexy guy or sexy girl it is commonly used in santo domino


pappi chulo  noun (pop-e chu-lo)
homey or used by a woman to acknowledge the attraction to the man  � what people would call a player. Literally means Cute Daddy.


paquete tres servicios digitales  noun
telephone bill  � phrase on a Mexican phone bill


parce  noun
friend  � dsa


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