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A word from Gabriel (Mr. Gabe) the creator of mrgabe.com, this fabulous, award winning website.  Welcome to Gabriel's mrgabe.com.  I am delighted that you are here.  Well now let's get down to business.  It all began with a dream, a dream that one day I would be able to share some of my wonderful ideas and adventures with you... the public... and thus mrgabe.com was born.  I have taken advantage of the space on this site to bring you a large collection of photos from some of my many trips and adventures.  There is a rather large group of friends that take some time to travel, and other fun things, as often as we can.  I have started only recently, to drag along a digital camera to ease the task of displaying the collections of digital photos available on this website.  Some of the trips include... Cabo San Lucas Mexico,  Cancun Mexico, Phoenix Arizona, Miller Genuine Draft's "Solo Con Invitacion" trip to Scottsdale Arizona, and some photos from other small events.  Soon I hope to add Mardi Gras in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Somewhere in Europe.  I have also recently included downloadable Real Audio Video Clips of various Fun Moments from our Cabo San Lucas trip.  My Most Recent addition to this site, I call, Stupid Ass Stuff.  It is the beginning of a hopefully large collection of stupid ass things that I have caught on video.  I finally own a Cannon digital video camera (Mini-DV) with a Firewire card so that I can get better quality video files uploaded for your viewing pleasure and pure enjoyment.  Plans for the future of Gabriel's mrgabe.com and site direction...  I have started to build a collection of problem solving tips and ideas that I personally have come across or have been momentarily stumped and because of the amount of time that I had to spend in the resolution of the problem and the difficulty of rapidly locating a simple solution, mostly computer hardware and software related or problems with drivers that I needed to download, I have decided to offer them to the public in effort of spreading the knowledge in a fashion that can be easily located and obtained or downloaded.  mrgabe.com offers the fun ability to send anybody a free online postcard via email.  You can also play an assortment of fun online games.  Now that you have taken the time to visit my site, I hope that you can take a moment more and add your presence to my guestbook.  Need a good laugh?  Take a minute and check out some of the nonsense that I have posted on my Stupid Ass Stuff pages.  Need a quick Fix?  Check out some of the Hot Chicks that we have taken photographs of on our many adventures.  We also have some video of chicks flashing us from a boat across the water.  Are you from the Los Angeles area looking to veiw hundreds of photos of handsome single guys?  Do you Party or go to Bars and clubs in the Los Angeles area?  Well if you do then you can bet that sooner or later you will run in to myself or one of my buddies that are featured here on the site mrgabe.com.  We spend most of our nightlife in Pasadena, Glendale, Downey, Long Beach, Alhambra, San Gabriel Valley or the San Fernando Valley and many other areas in Los Angeles.  Who is Mr. Gabe you might ask and is that short for Mister Gabriel or Mr. Gabriel?  And why is it not mrgabriel? mrgabriel does not flow quite the same as mrgabe or mr.gabe. or even mister gabe and Mister Gabe Ok I will admit that this site really will solve any real world problems of today but, the reason that these things that I mention above are here, on the bottom of my page is because I felt that I had an unfair disadvantage when in came to lack of correct and accurate listings in your favorite search engines and this paragraph or so was created in attempt to help correct this.  At least I did not just list a bunch of words that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual content available on my site.  San Gabriel Mister Gabriel Mister Gabe   Thanks for visiting. Oh yeah, I just wanted to tell you that you are Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard and An error occurred during the installation of the device The data is invalid.  To close this wizard, click Finish.  This is a simple problem to correct.  If you actually got to this website with the intention of finding a solution to that problem simply email me and I will give you the simple instructions on correcting the problem that occurs in Microsoft Windows 2000 (Win2K) and Windows XP (WinXP)  I am not actually sure of its cause or origin but I heard that it might have something to do with systems that have a GeForce Video Adapter Installed.  Funny enough that I too have a GeForce Video Card but this may have been a coincidence.  Also if you are not willing to edit your windows registry then please do not ask me for the repair instructions because you are required to use regedit to make the adjustments.  Ok Well thank you for reading and peace out biitch! 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and beyond!